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About Us

A Little about Heirlooms:

Aside from the allure of spectacular colors and shapes and the multiplicity of textures, flavors, and aromas, heirloom tomatoes are actually better for you! Over the past 50 years the USDA has found significant decline of the nutrient content in our foods including fruits, veggies, eggs, meats, and dairy products.

Mass production, monopoly, and monoculture have made our common staples toxic and devoid of nutritional benefit. Heirlooms are a nutrient dense food, there are more vitamins, minerals, sugars, and healthful enzymes in every bite of an heirloom vegetable than in most new hybrids. In fact studies have found the lycopine in orange heirlooms to be considerably more digestible than any other and therefore the most beneficial (and delicious) source of the antioxidant!

All summer we look forward to enjoying tomatoes straight from the vine, in fact we always keep a salt shaker within reach of the tomato field. We choose only the most flavor packed tomatoes we can find in the field each summer to save the seeds from. We look forward to providing you with our tomato joy.

Thank you for supporting small diverse seed companies!