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Terra Madre>

We believe nourishing the earth requires practicing biodynamic methods, water conservation, minimal till methods, pasture rotation, and creating most of our fertilizer with our animals and removing pests and diseases with our animals. We love visually striking and deep flavored rare heirloom tomatoes and unique winter squash, many of which have never been grown in this country before! We sell many types of heirloom seeds from varieties which are well adapted to Oregon's Willamette Valley climate. Help us by taking back the food system by joining us in saving seeds, re-creating agri-CULTURE and preserving critically endangered heritage breeds.

"We can take back our food system by changing the focus of what standardized foods are being made available and consumed."

Evan Gregoire

Evan worked in Los Angeles in management for several years and attended California State University-Long Beach for Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and Information Technologies before moving to Eugene in 2004 to pursue a career.

Shorty after moving to Eugene Evan completed the Oregon State University's Master Gardener program in 2007. As a Master Gardener, Evan found his second nature for soil nutrition and has gained a knowledge of many aspects of small farming, permaculture, community involvement and compost management while helping Eugene to expand its gardening and foodie community. On the farm, Evan specializes in bringing back heirloom plants and heritage animals from the depths of endangerment and putting them all back on productive homesteads and farms.

Based upon his personal introduction to plants and animals when very young by his mom and grandparents, Evan strongly believes cultivating a gardening interest in children throughout their childhood, coupled with ongoing delivery of information to the general public is crucial to keeping healthy food on the table. He enjoys teaching others and holds workshops for all ages on biodiversity, growing techniques, preserving foods, saving seeds, heirloom plants and heritage animals. Evan is available as a marketing and operations consultant to small farmers who are engaged in raising heritage ducks and heirloom plants. Recently, Evan has been selected as a Slow Food USA Portland Delegate. Read abouthis Terra Madre trip to Italy here.

Rachel Kornstein

Rachel's enthusiasm for animals and healthy food attractively presented is a life-long avocation. She loves discovering the roots of food and its different cultural styles and traditions, its flavors as they emerge from the techniques of different cultures. "For me, food is the connection between earth and our being, the relationship between our body's physical needs and the earth that produces good, healthy food."

Working with Bed and Breakfasts and years of culinary training, has Rachel prepared for farming with an amazing extensive culinary arsenal in her back pocket.

The knowledge she shares with everyone makes her a very valuable asset in the food community. In this growing community, she looks forward to enthusiastically work with and learn from others who share willingly their knowledge of sustainable living and farming.

Photo Credits:
Evan with Housh by Andrew Plotsky of Farm Run.
-others by Javier Magellenes and Matt Cornellius