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Ordering Information - Read carefully and save time!

Please order from us only if you agree to all the conditions outlined below.

We sell out quickly please order early. If we have enough for this season we will fulfill the order otherwise it will pushed to the following season. Thank you.


Prices are straight run, day olds, prices are plus shipping.

-Ancona and Saxony Ducklings $8.00
-Delaware Chicks $6.00

-Hatching Eggs $3.00 each plus $30 shipping per dozen

Hatching Season (2014): Mondays and Tuesdays -April through August -

Sexing: We do not sex out females. We do sell adolescent female stock, we dont ship adults though. Contact us for more information and pricing for on farm pick ups.

Minimum Orders:The fewest day-olds we ship are 10 ducklings. These minimums are required in order to allow the babies to maintain the correct temperature while traveling.

If you are Picking-Up your order:
For orders that are picked up at the Farm, the minimum is two hatchlings. Ducks are such social animals that they do not thrive when raised alone. There is no minimum order for adult birds.Pre-ordered adults and hatchlings may be picked up by appointment. To safeguard the birds here at the Waterfowl Farm & Preservation Center from exposure to disease brought in by visitors, and in accordance with the National Poultry Improvement Plan and recommendations of the Oregon Department of Agriculture, areas where birds are kept are off limits to visitors.

Orders are filled on a first come, first served basis. If you want day-olds during a specific week, order them well in advance. Only occasionally can last minute orders for hatchlings be filled. Please give earliest and latest date you will accept delivery and second breed choices. Please make your check or money order out to Rachel Kornstein.

If for any reason we are unable to fill your order, you will be refunded in full. If we have enough for the season we will fulfill the order otherwise it will pushed to the following season. There is a $30 charge on cancelled orders. Never any refunds on cancellations within 7 days of scheduled shipping date. There is a $15.00 fee for returned checks.

Day-olds are mailed insured Priority Mail or Express Mail and delivered to your post office, normally 12 to 60 hours after they leave us. (Due to postal regulations, hatchlings cannot be shipped via the postal service into Canada. Our Canadian customers have their birds shipped to a stateside post office for pick up. Let us know to which U.S. town you wish them mailed. Payment must be made by money order or bank check in U.S. dollars.)

If there are dead birds in the shipment, your Postal Worker must fill out a Damage Report (USPS Form 2685) and keep it on file at their office in case an insurance claim is filed later. We put the hatching date on the box and they are required to deliver the in 3 days from the date shipped. We do not assume responsibility for deceased birds in shipment.

If your losses are small and you have another shipment coming, we will try to replace them in your next shipment. If the losses are larger, we will file the claim with the USPS and will either replace the lost day-olds. If you only lose a small number of birds and you desire replacement birds, you may need to order and pay for more birds to fill up the box and keep them warm enough to ship safely. If we send replacement birds for a lost order, we will ship them at the Priority Mail rate at no charge to you. If you desire the replacement birds to be sent by Express Mail, then you will need to pay the difference between the Priority Mail and the Express Mail charge.

We are a breed preservation facility. We do not drop ship. Every bird shipped out has been hatched here from breeders which are maintained here at our farm. We do our best to maintain the postal service routes that take longer and will request that express is added which sometimes can take less time in transit. Often they always arrive around the same time which ever priority or express, it depends more on the amount of drive time instead of flighttimewhenthey are in transit. If you live in a very rural area you might want to pick them up at a post office closer to a city.

We adjust our hatches accordingly to hatch numbers of day-olds within reason. This means we cannot usually meet last minute orders wanting immediate delivery. It simply means that we do not "overhatch".

Insurance: Ducklings ship very well and normally arrive in good condition. We have no control over the treatment they receive once they leave us. Always open boxes and check the birds in the presence of the postal carrier.

Guarantee: We guarantee the following:
1) birds we sell are from our own stock,
2) our flocks are annually blood-tested and inspected by the Oregon Department of
3) day-olds are carefully graded and any found with physical defects or low vigor
are removed,

Due to factors beyond our control, aside from the above, our birds are sold without any other warranties whatsoever.

Shipping Notification Service: Include your phone number (or that of a neighbor or friend) to be put on the shipping box, so your post office can contact you when the birds arrive. We will phone or e-mail you to confirm that your birds are on their way.

We have been shipping for years now and know how to get ducklings safely to your location. If you have any shipping concerns let us know!

When done properly, freshly hatched ducklings and goslings ship extremely well over long distances. Because most varieties of domestic ducklings and goslings naturally do not eat and drink a significant amount for the first 36 to 60 hours after hatching, this is the perfect time to ship them. In fact, in natural incubation, this is the time when the hatchlings would be resting under their mother, drying off and gaining strength to leave the nest. We work very hard to make sure that the babies we ship will have a safe and pleasant trip. We have had customers tell us that the hatchlings we shipped to them cross-country arrived in better condition than ones they hatched at home. " Dave Holderread"

Customer testimonials
Our ducklings arrived at 6 am this morning, I had no idea the post office was up and running then! They are all settled nicely in the brooder, they are active, eatingand drinking lots of water. They are really cute!-

All ten are happily eating and drinking under a heat lamp. We expect a light frost tonight so they are in the house. Thank you.-